Movie Review: Bolt

Today I went and saw Disney’s Bolt. It’s been in theaters since Thanksgiving and I still hadn’t seen it so I thought I would go see it.

Before the movie started, I got to see a short from Disney-Pixar called Tokyo Mater. Mater helped a car stopped in Radiator Springs get back home to Tokyo and then accidentally hits another car. The car challenges Mater to a race and the loser becomes a stock car. Mater got some upgrades for the race and won.

© Walt Disney Pictures

After that, the movie started. I really think Disney did good on this movie. It had a great story and great characters. Bolt is about a dog who thinks he’s a super-dog. He lives on a movie set in Hollywood and thinks everything that happens is real until he ends up in the real world and meets Mittens, the cat, who explains to Bolt that he’s in the real world. He also meets Rhino, the hamster, who is Bolt’s biggest fan and thinks he is Fully Awesome. They have to make their way back across the country to find Penny, Bolt’s owner. I think was definitely really good, and if you haven’t seen it yet – you should. 🙂

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1 Response to Movie Review: Bolt

  1. Lisa says:

    I love your movie review. I didn’t see this one, but my kids did. It looks cute. I’ll see it when it comes out on dvd.

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