Stats Suck Sunday

Stats Suck Sunday - Churro Blog

Welcome to Sunday.

  • Come watch The Rock & Worship Roadshow with me tonight.. here.
  • I’m gonna miss 4 shows over my Spring Break..
  • I’ll be at Disney World though.. 😀
  • Did you see Third Day Revealed?
  • Can’t wait for MercyMe’s new Cover Tune Grab Bag
  • I have to sing it..
  • Ooh ooh, you know it’s gonna be alright!
  • Count it pure joy, when the world comes crashing.. hold your head up and keep on dancing!
  • I hope that Hawk Nelson and Jeremy Camp get to broadcasted before the end of the tour.. (well, I hope Hawk Nelson can be broadcasted again, I guess)
  • I thought Hawk Nelson was awesome.. If only the record label knew that..
  • I want to visit the Jim Henson’s Fantastic World exhibit at the history center while I’m on my Spring Break.. it’s only there till May 3rd..
  • We were gonna go to Costco today.. but then it rained 😦
  • Can’t wait till tonight.. (hopefully with Hawk Nelson and jeremy Camp live too)
  • Tenth Avenue North does good impressions.. I liked Kermit the Frog
  • I wonder if they’re gonna make a churro song..

That’s it for this Sunday. Don’t forget to check out The Rock & Worship Roadshow tonight.. See Ya!

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God is my life! Churros. Music. Disney. Gomer. Messenger. I Am Second.
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3 Responses to Stats Suck Sunday

  1. Lisa says:

    Well, if anyone could do a great churro song, it would be Tenth Avenue North. Although, their Circle Bunny song was pretty weird (and not to mention scary.) I wonder what they would do with churros?? See you in the chat tonight.

  2. Guess I need to go back to totalaxxess & look at the Bunny thing. And I only found 1 little dove & when I clicked, it told me nice try, but it wasn’t the one! I’m not bored enough to look at any more pages. They are hidden really well!
    Talk to you tonight. Will miss you over your Spring Break. 🙂

    • Evan says:

      I looked everywhere, I even checked all the artist pages.. I can’t find the dove. I found 2, but they both said they weren’t the one I was looking for.

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