Stats Suck Sunday

Stats Suck Sunday - Churro Blog

Welcome to Stats Suck Sunday. If you don’t already know, Stats Suck Sunday is where you post random thoughts. The point? There isn’t one.. well, except for the bullet point.. hah.

  • Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Working on a new blog post about @RealShamu..
  • Might not get to go to Glory at the Gardens.. even though I really want too
  • Not sure who I want to win American Idol.. guess I better decide fast
  • Check out my ipod game thing.. Break Me Down (only titled it that cause the last question was what will you name this post, and Tenth Ave’s Break Me Down was it.. so I had to name the post that – hah)
  • Not sure how I missed it.. but I noticed Hawk Nelson replied to a tweet I sent them a while ago saying a churro song would be a good idea for a podcast episode.. just found it the other day.. Tweet!
  • New domain for the blog.. just go to now

That’s it for this Sunday.. See Ya Real Soon!

About Evan

God is my life! Churros. Music. Disney. Gomer. Messenger. I Am Second.
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2 Responses to Stats Suck Sunday

  1. Shellie (baylormum) says:

    Kind of short this week. But, you’ve done more than me! Guess since it’s Mother’s Day, I get a break! Have a great week. I’m going to my daughter’s college graduation Sat. We’re leaving Thursday & going to my brother’s for the night, then on to Waco on Friday.

  2. Lisa says:

    You are so lucky to get to live in Florida! I did not want to leave.

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