VMK: One Year Ago


One year ago today, Disney closed their online game, Virtual Magic Kingdom (or VMK). VMK was a virtual version of Disneyland, and the Magic Kingdoms. It had six lands: Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, and New Orleans Square. You could build rooms or just chat with friends or take a ride on the Monorail. You could buy stuff in the shops with the credits you earned from playing games, likes Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion, or by visiting the Yeti, or Captain Blackheart. You could even do quests in the real parks to earn exclusive items. VMK was awesome. In April of 2008, Disney announced VMK would be closing forever on May 21, 2008. I met alot of people while playing VMK from when it first opened, to the very last day when it closed.  in one of the last newsletters before VMK closed it’s virtual gates forever, they had everyone send in their favorite VMK memories, and my memory ended up in the newsletter:

My favorite VMK Memory is giving churros to VMK Staff whenever I saw one. They would always reply with something that made me smile, now HOST_Phinny, HOST_Lily, and HOST_Hula expect a churro from me when they see me. Host need their daily churro.

I’ll always miss my virtual friends, and all the fun times I had. If any of my friends from VMK are reading this, I miss you.. and you can leave me a message on this post if you want. If you’d like to view any of my videos from VMK check out my VMK videos page here. 😀

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10 Responses to VMK: One Year Ago

  1. GreenKman says:

    I don’t know if you remember me, but it’s GreenKman from VMK. We used to be friends. Just thought I would let you know how to contact me. I think you can see my email. If not, just throw an email to contact@disneyinfinity.com and I will reply. Talk to ya later. 😉

  2. Daniel says:

    KrazyDopey hurrr.

    Oh so sad, tear. I remember the last day..

    When remembering VMK, I get very nostalgic about crates, palm trees, and stuff I had a lot of and made my rooms out of..


    • Evan says:

      I remember the last dance. We both were at the Castle Forecourt together, and some staff showed up. Oh, and everyone was in a circle but I wanted to be in a line.. haha.

  3. GreenKman says:

    I remember building rooms. That was my favorite thing to do. Wow. Memories.

  4. Miranda says:

    I remember being online the last day it ran and i was with a whole bunch of friends on tom sawyers island. We were all crying and wishing that it was all a joke and praying that it would stay open. I was Alpharanda on vmk and i miss this game so much. Not a day goes by where i don’t get online and go onto Disney games website and look for vmk. I wish Disney would think about the people they touched when they opened up vmk. It seemed to be the most popular game that Disney had or ever will have. I still keep in touch with those i played with on vmk. I am still online if anyone wants to say hello.

  5. Xiaolin says:

    Hey Evoulie!

    It’s nice seeing you again. I miss VMK very much as well. I am deeply saddened by the fact that virtually all VMK fansites/sites have been removed from the internet. I just hope that VMK can live in all of our hearts forever. If you want to talk again, please e-mail me. I just want to make a shoutout to all of my friends from VMK and all of the VMK staff! 2005-2008 wouldn’t have been possible without the magic of VMK.

    • Evan says:

      Hey Xiaolin! Long time no see.. (okay.. long time no type i guess – haha). VMK will always be in our hearts. I hope Disney decides to reopen it someday, It’d be nice to go back to it. 😀

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