Flipped Out @Shamu

After having my surgery I saw that @Shamu had some trivia for a Shamu plush, on Twitter, while I was having surgery. So, I tweeted him and asked him If he could send me a shamu plush since I was in surgery. He replied saying “Sorry to hear about the surgery. Hope everything is back where it’s supposed to be. You bet on the Shamu”. Then I decided to ask him for his autograph (still not sure how a killer whale has an autograph though.. haha).

Then, I was looking at Ben & Jerry’s twitter (@cherrygarcia) and noticed there was a contest going on. First 5 to tweet a fun flipped out quote like “Forget love – I’d rather fallin chocolate!” win free Flipped Out! So I copied there quote right away and happed to be one the first 5. So, now I’ve got a Shamu Plush and some free ice cream. w00t!

Oh, your still here? Why don’t you check out Shamu’s awesome autograph then?


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God is my life! Churros. Music. Disney. Gomer. Messenger. I Am Second.
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4 Responses to Flipped Out @Shamu

  1. Lisa says:

    Very nice! I’d also like to know how he holds a pen. Hmmm? Something to think on. I would love to go to SeaWorld some day. We’ve never been there. Maybe when we go to Fl before our next cruise (in Nov. 2010) we can take a day to go there.
    Glad you’re recovery is going well.
    My surgery has been postponed until June 30th.

    • Evan says:

      We might be going to SeaWorld when we go to Orlando for my birthday (I get into Disney world for free on my birthday). Was in a little pain earlier today, but doing better now. 🙂

  2. pokinatcha says:

    Hey, that’s awesome! Now you just need to win the dance off contest!

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