Disney Channel Games Concert 08

Today, I thought I’d share something that I wrote last year in May when I went to the 2008 Disney Channel Games Concert. When I wrote this, I didn’t have a blog yet, so it’s never been posted here. Enjoy!

Just got back from the 2008 Disney Channel Games Concert! CAMERAS and RECORDING DEVICES WERE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

As we got into Champion Stadium, it started to RAIN! I had seats in section 116 and were covered by a roof. Cody Linley gave away the Viewers Choice Award, they filmed it for each time so they could just air the winning team. Brian Stepanek was the host. He did great at making the audience laugh while making the people on the field move back.

Then, Miley Cyrus announced the winner, and the winner is.. WHO KNOWS? Once again, they filmed each team winning and The Cheetah Girls performed their new song “One World” from their new movie The Cheetah Girls: One World. After making the people on the field move back, the concert finally began. The first performance was Miley Cyrus singing “See You Again” followed by “Fly on the Wall” and “Breakout.” Her new album will be released July 22nd. After Miley was done with her songs she noticed a sign that said “Miley, I’m praying for you.” Miley replied by saying “I can’t be more appreciative of that right now.”

Next on the stage was Jordan Pruitt who sang two new songs that will be available on iTunes in August. Next, The Cheetah Girls performed a few more songs from their new movie.

After a long break of water and some filming of the crowds, Demi Lovato took the stage. She sang two songs from the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Camp Rock and her version of “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted. Finally, during Demi’s third song the Jonas Brothers enter the stage. When the Jo Bros came on stage, the stadium went crazy! They had the loudest applause throughout the entire concert. The Jonas Brothers performed S.O.S., and the song “Burnin’ Up” off their new album. Overall, the concert was great. I can’t wait to watch the Disney Channel Games on Disney Channel this July.



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