Shamu Trivia

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I just won a Shamu Sweatshirt by playing Trivia with @Shamu. “One of the original Shamuligans, @evoulie, wins with northern hairy-nosed wombat.” I had to name the species name for this guy. I can’t believe I actually guessed it right. I think I’m good at winning stuff on Twitter. It could be my job (well, except for the iPhone gift card, i couldn’t win that..). I still have to win more Shamu trivia to get a stuffed shark or something though.. and then I’ll have more posts about how awesome Shamu is. Why do I always write blog posts when I win stuff? I don’t know.. Anyways, if your not already following Shamu on Twitter, go follow him NOW at Thanks for the Sweatshirt Shamu!

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God is my life! Churros. Music. Disney. Gomer. Messenger. I Am Second.
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2 Responses to Shamu Trivia

  1. Daniel says:

    Haha woot.

    Congratulations! 😀

    What’s the sweatshirt look like?

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