Night of Joy 09

On Saturday, I went to Night of Joy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It was lots of fun. I got to see MercyMe, Jars of Clay, Josh Wilson, and Skillet. I also got to ride some rides (okay.. more like 2 rides..). Now I’m gonna share some pictures and videos from my trip.. w00t!

We got to the park around 4:30..

Then I went and saw Muppet*Vision 3D, and went to see MercyMe.. (7:15)

After MercyMe, I went on Toy Story Mania. My score was 96, 800. Then, I was just gonna go wait for the Joyful Conversation with MercyMe but heard Josh Wilson playing.. so, I went and saw him play a few songs.

Then it was time for the Joyful Conversation show with MercyMe where people could ask them questions (No, I didn’t ask any questions).

Jars of Clay.. (11:00)

And then I saw Skillet at 12:00..

If you can’t see the videos, you can view them over on my YouTube channel.


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God is my life! Churros. Music. Disney. Gomer. Messenger. I Am Second.
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4 Responses to Night of Joy 09

  1. Lisa says:

    Awesome job recording the interview, Evan! Those guys are just so funny. I was hoping you had Skillet singing ‘Monster’. There are so many good concerts coming near me this fall, I just don’t have the money to go see them all.

  2. Janet Planet says:

    *GASP** You DID NOT just call them rides, did you?

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