Tonight I watched a live concert with MercyMe, Fee and Jonny Diaz. It was awesome. I learned that my new favorite song from Jonny Diaz is “The Opener”, the first song he played tonight. It’s a funny song. Fee was awesome. i think my favorite was when they played “Rise and Sing” but I REALLY liked all their songs. We had some connection problems during the beginning of MercyMe’s set but they were still awesome like always. My favorite song of theirs was “Alright” (I like all of there songs though). I even got to chat with Bart, Nathan, and Barry for a little bit. Overall, tonight was a really awesome night and I hope all of the other venues allow them to broadcast the shows live. A lot of people showed up to watch the concert tonight (over 400 at one point), and you can watch their other concerts on this tour live at To find out what the tours dates are visit

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2 Responses to MercyMeFEE&jonnydiaz

  1. Pokinatcha says:

    Wow that’s awesome 400 people. Sorry I had to miss the whole concert. At least I got to chat with a minute and get Bart to say yes to the Carmel Popcorn from Sunnyside. I probably will miss the concert tomorrow night too. I’m gonna go explore more the island with my kids tomorrow. It’s their last day of Fall Break & I want out of my house!

  2. Lisa says:

    Way to promote the live show, Evan. It was like old times…good times, last night. I hope they’re able to get good connections at most of the venues.

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