CD Review: Hawk Nelson’s Live Life Loud

Yup. I’m going to start reviewing CDs on the Churro Blog.. and what better CD to review than Hawk Nelson’s new CD “Live Life Loud”? First off, I’d just like to say that this CD is awesome! It has lots of energy and is great to listen to whenever.

Track 1, “Live Life Loud”, is a great way to start off the album. It’s a really fun song about how we live our lives. We gotta live life loud!

The second song, “Never Enough”, is a really awesome. It’s about feeling how some things feel like they never matter enough.

The song “Eggshells”, Track 3, is one of my favorite songs on the Album. The song features on TobyMac and is really awesome.

The song “Meaning of Life”, which is Track 4, is about how we can change other peoples lives. It’s really cool.

The next song on the CD is the song “Alive” which is a really cool song about how there is someone that wants to give us a whole new state of mind and that we can break free and make history.

Then there’s the song “Ode to Lord Stanley” which is about a dream where the media lost their minds and we need to know if the myth is true..

The song “Long Ago” is about how we still love God how we loved him when we first met him. It’s a really good song.

The next song is the song “The Job” which is a cool song too..

“Shaken” is the next song. It’s about how you can make a difference by getting involved in charities.

The song “Lest We Forget” is about remembering to never forget.

The next song is another one of my favorites.. It’s called “Tis So Sweet”. I think It’s really cool that Hawk Nelson took an old hymn and kind of made it their own. It starts off with bagpipes and is a great song.

The last song on the CD is called “The Final Toast”. It’s a song that says that our life isn’t the same without God. If you listen to till the very end of the songs it plays a little part of Live Life Loud to end the CD. “So the last toast that we raise.. goes to you.”

I think this is Hawk Nelson’s best CD yet and if you don’t already have you should go buy it today! Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to CD Review: Hawk Nelson’s Live Life Loud

  1. Lisa says:

    Either you reviewed backwards, or the tracks are messed up on mine! When we play our cd ‘Live Life Loud’ is last, and ‘The Final Toast’ is first. I could never figure out why they would start their albumn off with an ending-type song. Weird.

    • Evan says:

      The tracks must be messed up for you cause I didn’t review it backwards.. It’s be really weird to start with “The FINAL Toast” hmmm…

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