Stats Suck Sunday

Stats Suck Sunday - Churro Blog

Welcome to the “Day After Halloween” Edition of Stats Suck Sunday! If you’ve never heard of Stats Suck Sunday before, this is where you post random bullet points on your blog. It’s really simple.

  • I’m going to see David Crowder Band at the end of this month..
  • Think I might buy my ticket today..
  • I’m going to get to see Decemeberadio in December too.. 🙂
  • It’s only the day after Halloween and I already bought a Christmas song.. Fee’s Christmas song if you were wondering.
  • All of heaven and all creation sing..
  • Joy to the World.. the Lord is come, Let Earth receive her king..
  • Buttercup, my dog, has been throwing up a lot.. Keep praying for her.
  • I want a Muppet Whatnot!
  • If you haven’t seen it yet.. check out my Halloween Churro!
  • The enemy’s been defeated.. and deaf couldn’t hold you down.. we’re gonna lift our voice in victory, WE’RE GONNA MAKE YOUR PRAISES LOUD!
  • Shout Unto God with a voice of Triumph! Shout Unto God with a voice of Praise! Shout Unto God with a voice of Triumph. We lift your name up. We lift your name up.
  • Anyone want a Google Wave invite? Still got some.
  • David Crowder Band’s “How He Loves” Music Video is cool.. it’s only 99 cents on iTunes..
  • Had KFC for lunch today..
  • Disney is releasing 3 movies in the theaters between November and December..
  • A Christmas Carol, Old Dogs, and The Princess and the Frog.. and I want to see them all..
  • I want to win @shaneandshane’s Mystery Photo contest on Twitter.. but I’m no good at guessing what the pictures are..

Well, thanks for reading another edition of Stats Suck Sunday. Don’t forget to put your random thoughts in bullet points on your blog! When you wish upon a star.. your dreams come true!

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God is my life! Churros. Music. Disney. Gomer. Messenger. I Am Second.
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