CD Review: Hello Hurricane

Welcome to the Churro Blog! Today I’m going to review Switchfoot’s new CD “Hello Hurricane”. “Hello Hurricane is an attempt to sing into the storm. Hello Hurricane is a declaration: you can’t silence my love. My plans will fail, the storms of this life will come, and chaos will disrupt even my best intentions, but my love will not be destroyed.” said Jon Foreman, lead singer of the band, on their blog (you can find that post here). Instead of reviewing every song on the CD like I did for Hawk Nelson’s Live Life Loud CD Review, I’m just going to write about my favorites. Let’s go!

One of my favorite songs on this album is the song Hello Hurricane. This song is really cool. It talks about how nothing can’t silence my love to God.

Mess of Me talks about how with all the problems in my life are much bigger than a temporary solution. There ain’t no drug, there ain’t to drug, it’s not enough, the sickness is myself.

Bullet Soul is an awesome song about how you only get one shot and making all you can out of that one shot.

The Sound (John M. Perkins’ Blues) is a song about how the past runs through our veins. Awesomeness.

That’s it for this review. You can buy “Hello Hurricane” online at Switchfoot’s Online Store here, or at your local store that sells music. 🙂

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