Movie Review: The Princess and the Frog

Today I went to go see Disney’s new movie, The Princess and the Frog. I think the movie is an awesome movie and is great way to start going back to hand drawn animation. The movie has lots of music (you can buy the soundtrack here) that will get stuck in your head. It is also very funny.

The movie is based of the book “The Frog Prince” and is about a girl named Tiana who dreams about opening a restaurant and is turned into a frog when she kisses the frog prince to try and make him human again. Along the way they meet an alligator who likes playing jazz named Louis who dreams of becoming human so he can be in a jazz band and Ray, a firefly, who helps the frogs out.She has to go to find a way to become human again. f you feel like seeing a movie, go see “The Princess and the Frog”. I’d give it 5 stars out of 5 stars. 🙂

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