Let It Snow Flurries

We might be getting some snow flurries soon. It’s very cold here. It’s like 60 degrees or something like that. It was like 30 something when I woke up in the morning to go to school. I think that it would be awesome to see some snow here.

On Tuesday, I started having American Government for my 4th period class. History is really boring. I don’t wanna learn about government. We take a lot of notes in that class. My hand started hurting once we were done.

On the Disney Parks Blog, they wrote about some of the merchandise that will be on sale for Disneyland’s 55th anniversary. It’s all retro stuff. I want it. all. Expecially the limited edition Mouse Ears hat.

The other day I won an item on eBay. I won Skillet’s Comatose Comes Alive CD for 8 dollars and then 3 dollars for shipping so I got it for 11 dollars total. I also used some of my points on Disney Movie Rewards to get a Vinylmation Clear 1 Series 3" Figure.

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God is my life! Churros. Music. Disney. Gomer. Messenger. I Am Second.
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1 Response to Let It Snow Flurries

  1. Lynette says:

    I don’t know about this snow flurries thing.. Snow in Florida? What is that about??

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