Switchfoot n’ Strawberries

So yesterday, I went to go see Switchfoot. There concert was AWESOME. They played most of my favorite songs of theirs and really rocked it. After the concert I waited around for a while and got 3 of their autographs. 🙂

Switchfoot n' Strawberries

^ Favorite picture of all of them. He jumped. 😛

Autograph time!


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3 Responses to Switchfoot n’ Strawberries

  1. Lisa says:

    Good times! They put on a great show. I saw House of Heroes, Skillet, and Toby Mac last night. My ears are STILL ringing. It was loud! Skillet was amazing, and Toby Mac was good, but not as good when we saw him on the cruise in May. Not sure why. The sound wasn’t that great at the venue we were at.

  2. Raquel TWG says:

    Oh my gosh. You met Jon Foreman. I would cry tears of joy and faint there, in awe of his musical genius. *jealous*

  3. ElaineL says:

    Nice pictures!

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